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Privacy Policy

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Saving Information

Uphar Himayat All Religion Foundation can collects the information from visitors in the following manners:
  • While making a donation
  • Signing up for a campaign
  • Signing up to latest update
  • While making a donation
While making a donation visitors have to submit personal information such as:
  • Name
  • Email and/or mailing address
  • Contact number
  • Any additional data as required
Uphar Himayat All Religion Foundation is not keeping the records of the user’s personal information without their consent.

Use of Personal Information
  • General browsing of the Uphar Himayat All Religion Foundation website is anonymous and it does not register the user’s personal information except the time, date and place of visits, and the name of the internet service provider. This data is used only for statistics and diagnosis.
  • By signing up for various services offered by Uphar Himayat All Religion Foundation, the user authorizes us to collect information.
  • Uphar Himayat All Religion Foundation keeps the user information strictly confidential and this information is secured safely.
  • Any additional data as required
Uphar Himayat All Religion Foundation uses the information given to it in the following ways:
  • To keep an accurate record of all the donations received.
  • To update users about its happenings and developments through bulletins and newsletters, with an option of not to subscribe for the same.
  • To make sure the user is receiving the most appropriate and relevant information.
  • To find out more about the people who are visiting the Uphar Himayat All Religion Foundation website, donating, or joining its campaigns.

Cookie Policy

  • Cookies are pieces of electronic information that will be sent by the Uphar Himayat All Religion Foundation when a user visits the website. These will be placed in the hard disk of the user’s computer and enable Uphar Himayat All Religion Foundation to recognize the user when he/she visits the website again.
  • The user can configure their browser so that it responds to cookies the way they deem fit. For example, you can accept all cookies, reject them all or get notified when a cookie is sent. The users may check their browser’s settings to modify cookie behavior as per individual behavior.
  • If a user disables the use of cookies on the web browser or removes or rejects specific cookies from Uphar Himayat All Religion Foundation website or linked sites then he/she may not be able to use the website as it is intended.

Payment Gateway

  • Uphar Himayat All Religion Foundation uses well-recognized and proven technology for payments.
  • Several layers of built-in security, including an advanced firewall system, encryption of credit card numbers, and use of passwords, protect the collected information.

Changes to Privacy Policy

  • As and when the need arises, Uphar Himayat All Religion Foundation may alter its privacy policy in accordance with the latest technology and trends. It will provide you with timely notice of these changes. The users may reach out to Uphar Himayat All Religion Foundation if they have any queries about any changes made to its practices.
  • If you have any questions at all about Uphar Himayat All Religion Foundation privacy policy, please write to us at

Copyright restrictions:

  • Commercial use or publication of all or any item displayed is strictly prohibited without prior authorization from Uphar Himayat All Religion Foundation. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring any license by Uphar Himayat All Religion Foundation to use any item displayed.
  • Documents may be copied for personal use only on the condition that copyright and source indications are also copied, no modifications are made and the document is copied entirely. However, some documents and photos have been published on this site with the permission of the relevant copyright owners (who are not Uphar Himayat All Religion Foundation). All rights are reserved on these documents and permission to copy them must be requested from the copyright owners (the sources are indicated within these documents/photographs).
  • Uphar Himayat All Religion Foundation takes no responsibility for the content of external internet sites. Other websites that we link to are owned and operated by third parties and Uphar Himayat All Religion Foundation has no control over them. The fact that we include links to other websites does not mean that Uphar Himayat All Religion Foundation approves of or endorses any other third-party website or the content of that website. We accept no liability for any statements, information, products, or services that are published on or are accessible through any websites owned or operated by third parties.
  • Any communication or material that you transmit to, or post on, any public area of the site including any data, questions, comments, suggestions, or the like, is and will be treated as non-confidential and nonproprietary information. If there is any conflict between these terms and conditions and rules, and/or specific terms of use appearing on this site relating to specific material, then the latter shall prevail.
  • These terms and conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of India. If these terms and conditions are not accepted in full, the use of this site must be terminated immediately.